Opportunities to Contribute to Your Club

It takes many dedicated volunteers to serve your Club's 1500 plus members. Pick a position and let the Club President or any one of the Board members know.

Positions Responsibilities
The Membership
  • Elects the Board of Directors and Officers
  • Approves the annual budget
  • Approves any revisions to the bylaws
Elected Officers and Board Members
  • Develops the annual budget for submission to the membership
  • Approves expenditures within the approved budget.
  • Establishes policies and procedures to implement the Club's mission.
  • Reviews the by-laws, and recommends revisions to the membership.
  • Chair meetings.
  • Prepare meeting agendas.
  • Writes monthly President's Message for newsletter.
  • Forwards membership approved budget and bylaws changes to the Association for review and approval.
  • Monitors the club's e-mail messages.
  • Insures that the Club operates within the Club's Bylaws and the Sun City Anthem Community Association's Charter Club Guidelines.
Vice President
  • Assist the President
  • Preside over meetings in the President's absence
  • Prepare minutes of the Board and Membership meetings for approval.
  • Forward approved minutes to the web master for inclusion on the site.
  • Write checks
  • Deposit receipts
  • Participate in budget preparation
  • Prepare financial reports and present to the Board
Board Members at large
  • Attend Board meetings
  • Prepare and present proposals to the Board for action
  • Deliberate and vote on proposals presented
  • Serve on Standing and Ad Hoc committees
Ongoing Opportunities
Education Director
  • Prepare monthly class schedule
  • Maintain Education items on the bulletin board
  • Report activities to the Board
  • Prepare and submit Spirit articles to the Association staff
  • Recruit and coordinate instructors
  • Ensure that computers have instructor's programs installed
  • Coordinate the development of new courses for membership
  • Assist in training, as needed, new instructors
Hardware/Software Chair
  • Purchase hardware and software products as authorized by the Board
  • Maintain the hardware and software on the 29 computers on our network
  • Maintain the video projectors
Monitor Chair
  • Prepares monthly open lab schedule
  • Recruits and coordinates monitors
  • Maintain current monitor lists on the bulletin board, to the web master and to SCA Member Services Desk
  • Report activities to the Board
Administrative Assistants
  • Enter new member data into the database
  • Contact members for clarification of information
  • Submit information and dues to the Club's Treasurer
Newsletter editor
  • Prepare monthly newsletter:
    • Prepare layout
    • Author articles as appropriate
    • Insert information from treasurer
    • Review and edit articles submitted by others
    • Convert document into .pdf and add links
  • Distribute one printed copy to the counter in the Classroom
  • Distribute the newsletter as an e-mail attachment to our 800 plus members
  • Forwards the newsletter to web master for inclusion on the web site
Program Chair
  • Obtain speakers for membership meetings
  • Coordinate with the Sun City Summerlin Computer Club and the Las Vegas PC Users Group in scheduling out of town speakers and vendors representatives
  • Schedule meeting rooms with the Association staff
  • Maintain the Club's web site with frequent updates
  • Add monthly newsletter to archive
  • Upload the Board's minutes and create links to the file
  • Uploads the Member meeting minutes and create links to the file
  • Create and maintain class descriptions in the popup windows
  • Create and maintain links to sites that may be of value to members
  • Maintain alias e-mail addresses on server
  • Create and upload monthly events calendar
  • Back up site to a local hard drive other than personal machine
  • Prepares class content and organization
  • Records student's presence in database using bar code scanner
  • Read and understand the Policies & Procedures
  • Open the facility, turn on lights
  • Recognize individuals as they enter the room, and ask if you can be of assistance
  • Monitor the activities of those in attendance
  • Record the presence of members and visitors in the database using bar code scanner
  • Either turn over the facility to an incoming monitor, or turn out the lights and lock the door on leaving
Classroom Aides Assists the instructor by aiding students that missed a point and start to fall behind
In-home Tutors Tutors visit club member's homes to provide one-on-one personal tutoring on a variety of subjects
In-home trouble shooters
  • Resolve a variety of usability issues
  • Uninstall and install software
  • Remove worms from members computers
  • Perform some tune-up work
  • Replace user's hardware components

Contact us, and become active in your membership.