There are many opportunities that exist for you to expand your horizons, and give of your time and talents. Please browse the pages and experience the depth of your club.

Class Listing

The page shows all classes offered by the Club. Some are not scheduled each month, and some are scheduled every month. With the availability of instructors, many of the classes could be offered more frequently. If you have extensive experience with a particular program, but you aren't sure that you are ready to present the subject matter, become a Classroom Aide and become familiar with the content.


This page contains links to Club documents.


The purpose of this organization is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and knowledge among its members with respect to personal computers and their uses. Read about the many forms of educational opportunities.


The facilities available to the membership is extensive. Take a minute to read about them. You may have a project that you would like to do, but can't justify the purchase of the necessary equipment for the relatively short time that you envision it would take.


Monitors are the folks that welcome you to the Open Lab sessions. They are there for you. Read more on their page.


There are many opportunities for you to give a bit of your time and talents for the benefit of others. 146 opportunities are listed on this page.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and User Groups

An informal meeting of folks with a specific area of interest. Read about the current sessions. If you would like to lead a group in another area, let us know.


Your Club's volunteers offer in-home one-on-one tutoring covering a variety of subjects. The page offers a table showing the subject matter, tutors name, phone number, and alias e-mail address.