Photoshop Elements SIG

Current sessions
Login required3120Jul 26, 201909:30AM - 11:30AMOpen612Terri Begas
Login required3121Aug 30, 201909:30AM - 11:30AMOpen212Terri Begas
Login required3122Sep 27, 201909:30AM - 11:30AMReg Closed012Terri Begas
Login required3123Oct 25, 201909:30AM - 11:30AMReg Closed012Terri Begas
Login required3124Dec 6, 201909:30AM - 11:30AMReg Closed012Terri Begas

Enhance your skills in working with your digital photos. Every month different topics are covered that build upon the skills learned in the basic Photoshop Elements class. Some SIG topics have included enhancing photographs by adjusting coloring and lighting, removing imperfections and unwanted objects, clearing haze, doing Photomerge® group shots. Some are simple fixes and others make use of the power of adjustment layers. Topics are repeated periodically, depending upon interest. Participants can suggest topics, as well as getting help with Photoshop Elements related problems or questions.

Prerequisites: The basic Photoshop Elements class or some experience using Photoshop Elements or Photoshop.