New Member Orientation

Current sessions
Login required3237Aug 14, 201909:30AM - 11:00AMOpen118Warren Begas
Login required3238Sep 11, 201909:30AM - 11:00AMOpen018Warren Begas
Login required3239Oct 9, 201909:30AM - 11:00AMReg Closed018Warren Begas
Login required3240Nov 13, 201909:30AM - 11:00AMReg Closed018Warren Begas
Login required3241Dec 11, 201909:30AM - 11:00AMReg Closed018Warren Begas

This orientation session was designed to familiarize new Computer Club members with the Club's activities.

Topics covered are:

  • Communications
    • Monthly newsletter
    • Periodic e-mail messages
    • Club web site
    • Member meetings
    • Board meetings
    • Computer Talk
  • Education
    • Formal classroom instruction
    • Special Interest Groups
    • Computer Talk
    • In-home one-on-one tutoring
  • Help with your computer
    • In-home assistance from other members
    • In-home tutorials on selected subjects
    • Help via e-mail
    • Computer Talk

The Computer Club is deeply involved other activities as well. All activity is by member volunteers. As of June 2006, there were 169 volunteers performing various functions on the members behalf.