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Philip Figarsky
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Apple usb Super Drive

My super drive has stopped working. When I plug it into the computer it is not recognized. Checked it in a different computer and it works. I have a late 2012 iMac running the latest OS. Is there some way to get the computer to recognize the drive


Had a friend try the drive and it worked on their computer. Borrowed their drive and it worked on my computer. They were kind enough to swap drives so now I have one that works. Weird.

Phil Figarsky

Brian Corr
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Super Drive not Recognized

Did you happen to look at "About this Macintosh" and then look at the "System Report" and see if it sees the drive. Sometimes a restart works. The only other thing I would have tried is switching USB ports to see if there might be a dirty contact in the computer. Glad you found a solution.