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John Forsythe
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When I moved in Cox installed a Panoramic Telephone router.
My question is:
Can I configure my own router mesh system off of the Cox Panoramic Telephone router or do I need to return it and obtain a straight telephone modem?
If I can configure the Panoramic Telephone router how do I do that so the new router is recognized as a router and not a repeater?
If I need to obtain a straight telephone modem, what brand/model should I look for maximum through put?


Computer Club
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I would not install 2 mesh WiFi networks. If you want to install your own mesh network, then Cox will supply (free) the DPQ3212 modem (see https://www.cox.com/residential/support/cisco-dpq3212.html) for more information. These modem/phone devices are not available retail as far as I can determine, so you must use the one supplied by Cox. You are paying an additional $10/month for the panoramic device.