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Page Hawken
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Emails and Texts come up on two Iphones

Several years ago I bought a "new" 6s and gave my 5s to my husband. He seems to get emails and texts meant for me on the phone that has his phone number. Needless to say, this is "not acceptable." lol Please help us figure this out.

Page Hawken

Brian Corr
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mail accounts in IOS

Sending and receiving mail has no connection to the phone number it is setup in the Settings app under "Passwords and Accounts". You need to open that section of settings on his phone and click on the offending mail account in the list and then click on "Delete Account" or if you want to continue to share contacts and calendars through that account uncheck the box next to "Mail". If he has his own mail account this is also the place in settings where you can add an account. This would be a good question for our Apple Users group class on the second Saturday of every month at 10 AM.

Hope this helps