Photography User Group

Current sessions
Login required3183May 13, 201901:00PM - 03:00PMOpen1027Rick Bold
Login required3184Jun 10, 201901:00PM - 03:00PMOpen627Rick Bold
Login required3185Jul 8, 201901:00PM - 03:00PMOpen027Rick Bold
Login required3186Aug 12, 201901:00PM - 03:00PMReg Closed027Rick Bold
Login required3187Sep 9, 201901:00PM - 03:00PMReg Closed027Rick Bold

Are you interested in photography? Do you like taking pictures? Do you want to improve your photography skills? Do you want to learn about photo editing? Whatever your skill level or interests in photography are, you are welcome to join our group. Meetings consist of a mixture of educational presentations, discussions, photo reviews, and more.