Brain Health

Interested in how healthy your brain is?

Check out the Cleveland Clinic Six Pillars of Health website homepage and learn how you can preserve your memory and lower your risk for brain disease. Want to assess the health of your brain? Click on the link below to visit the Cleveland Center Lou Ruvo Healthy Brains website to learn how to take a free 20-minute personalized assessment. You’ll also find links to important health information and lifestyle suggestions to improve your brain health. See

Want to play a game?

Electronic activities such as puzzles, chess, card games and online games can stimulate the brain. Playing may help improve your reaction time and problem-solving ability. Here are some descriptions and links to free websites with an abundance of brain games that you’ll find both challenging and fun.

SCA Strategy Games Club. See

USA today Brain Games - this site offers an abundance of graphic and spelling games. See

Games for the Brain - offers scores of interactive games in English and other languages. See

Mindgames - highly interactive this site offers graphic unique timed games with individual progression summaries. See