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Scott Munns
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Need a 16GB Emprex USB 2.0 flash drive

My computer tech go to guy was tasked with trying to recover data files from a damaged 16GB Emprex USB 2.0 flash drive that I own. This flash drive is out of production now, as it is approx 10 yrs old, and Emprex is no longer making flash drives. My flash drive apparently experienced a partial short which has damaged its internal chip and rendered the data unreadable by any computer's USB port. My tech guy says he has been able to partially power the flash drive up, but now needs a matching working Emprex 16GB flash drive so that he can piggyback my flash drive onto the internal working chip of the identical flash drive to fully power it up and recover the data files.

I realize that this is a bit of a scavenger hunt, but if anyone in the SCA Computer Club still has one of these old 16GB flash drives laying around in their desk drawer and is willing to part with it, I would be most grateful and would gladly replace it with a modern flash drive of larger memory and their choice of brand.

A generic picture of an Emprex flash drive can be found at the following link:

I can be contacted at (H) 702-433-5618 or (Cell) 650-333-4090. Pls leave a msg as we usually will not pick up if a call is from an unknown number.