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Harry Kane
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Free Fast Downloading of Music and Video Files

For those interested in a ubiquitous, easy to use and free application for playing and downloading web-based movies and music need look no further then 5KPlayer. This handy app works on both Windows and Mac platforms. It takes up very little hard drive space, supports Airplay streaming to iPhone 7, plays multiple resolution HD videos, multiple format music and permits users to select their resolution of choice before safely downloading content from 100's of sites. It's as simple as copying and pasting the source URL to the 5Kplayer screen. The application does all the rest. The app even allows multiple files to be downloaded simultaneously. Visit 5Kplayer.com for full details, supported sites and help information.

Update 12/27/2017
You'll probably want to adjust Preferences within the app as it likes to load itself at startup and become the platform default player for music and video. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just depends on how you like to play your media.

Brian Corr
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I downloaded it in hopes of being able to airplay to my older (late 2009) iMac but won't work. I think it is a hardware limitation so don't be discouraged by my comment, Reflector also would not support airplay on this iMac.