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Nancy Ward
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Are any Club members interested in a class using Quicken? If so, what areas interest you most: creating a budget, tracking income and expenses, investment features, reports and graphs, or anything else? Provide your comments to this post OR contact our Education Director, Tom Strange via the website. Log into our Club website and then select "Contact Us". In the Category field, select "Education" from the drop-down menu and then provide your input. Thanks for your consideration.

Tom Strange
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Quicken Data Security

Here's an article relating to Quicken data security. I have used Quicken's download for years. I've been quite comfortable with their security. Note that you can password protect Quicken itself in addition to password protection on their "Vault" that contains the account passwords.

Quicken has many canned reports and graphs that allow for various filters and subtotals. Additionally, data can be exported in an Excel compatible format.

Roy Montambeau
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I would be interested in the class. I'd be interested in data analysis rather than budget procedures. Also, Quicken appeals to me as a data collection tool. However, this means giving the program my passwords and I'd like some info about the security implications of that.