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Charles Finder
Windows 7 Backup

I'm using Windows 7 and am trying to use the Windows Backup program to backup my computer and files. It says that the backup location (my external hard drive) is disconnected even though it appears in windows explorer and otherwise functions normally. None of the available options on the backup page resolves this matter. I've also tried using 2 other backup programs (Comodo Backup and Acer Backup)and they either have the same problem (not showing the backup location) or not being able to complete the backup. I have the feeling it's some kind of software conflict but I haven't been able to find a solution on the web. Anyone have any ideas?



Jeffry Rosenfeld
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windows 7 backup

I suggest changing the drive letter through windows. Try copying a few files with explorer to see that the the new drive destination is working properly through windows. If all goes well, then try installing the backup program of your choice and hopefully it will work. If you have corrupt files when trying to backup then this usually aborts the backup and you will have to use chkdsk on your drive and figure out which non system files to delete.



Computer Club
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Windows 7 Backup

Try running chkdsk on the drive. Since it appears in windows explorer it should have a drive letter. If not, then assign one.
Next, bring up a command prompt ... Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt

If the drive is assigned letter E, then type: chkdsk E: /r /f

If this fixes the problem, then the problem is that you did not properly eject the drive.