The two rooms that house the physical facilities of your club are a tremendous asset. The computers and related equipment add to the ability of the club's volunteers to provide a forum for the exchange of information and knowledge among its members with respect to personal computers and their uses.

Computer classroom

The club's classroom is where the beginning student gains a foundation for furthering the student's grasp of computers and their possibilities.

Some of the highlights:

  • Twenty seven computers are available for student use during classes.
  • Each of these can run either the Windows or Macintosh operating systems.
  • Projector for demonstrating the instructors actions for students assistance.
  • During non-instructional periods, these computers are available for members use.
  • All computers are connected to the Internet.
  • All computers have access to a variety of color and black & white printers.

Computer lab

The computer lab is used for the membership during classroom instruction. Fourteen computers are available with broadband Internet access.

Photo Imaging Resources

There is a high quality Epson flatbed scanner, a Nikon slide film scanner and two VHS-to-DVD copy machines. Assistance on these machines is available from the following volunteers:

  • Jack Yocum, 614-1003
  • John D'Angelo, 407-0556

Club members will be able to scan:

  • Transparencies and negatives
  • 35mm
  • 2¼" by 2¼"
  • 6cm by 7cm
  • 4" by 5"
  • 4" by 9"
  • Graphics
  • Film strips
  • New and old photo prints

Club member can write (burn) their scanned images to a CD or DVD. Printing and further processing of the images are to be done on the member's home computer. The member must have photo image editing programs installed.


  • Color Inkjet, Color Laser and black & white Laser printers for a total of three printers.
  • Fax machine for incoming and outgoing faxes is available for all Sun City Anthem residents.
  • Copier. For incidental member use only.