Class Catalog

Photography User Group

Are you interested in photography? Do you like taking pictures? Do you want to improve your photography skills? Do you want to learn about photo editing? Whatever your skill level or interests in photography are, you are welcome to join our group. Meetings consist of a mixture of educational presentations, discussions, photo reviews, and more.

Photos for Mac Part 1

An introduction to Photos including how to connect you camera or memory card and how to organize your photos. How to create albums of selected photos and smart albums using several different search criteria. If time permits an introduction to location tagging and facial recognition will be included.

Photos for Mac Part 2

This second part of the Photos class is a presentation on the editing capabilities built into Photos.

Photos for Mac Part 3

The third part of the Photos class will show the creation of “Projects” including Books, Calendars, Greeting Cards and Slide Shows.

Photoshop Elements

Do you have a digital camera? Learn how to organize and edit your pictures. This hands-on class for both Mac and Windows users gives a basic introduction to Adobe Photoshop Elements. After taking this introductory class to this powerful photo-editing program, we recommend continuing with the Photoshop Elements SIG, where different tools, projects, and techniques are highlighted each month.

Prerequisites: Must be comfortable using either the Windows or Mac operating system.

Photoshop Elements SIG

Enhance your skills in working with your digital photos. Every month different topics are covered that build upon the skills learned in the basic Photoshop Elements class. Some SIG topics have included enhancing photographs by adjusting coloring and lighting, removing imperfections and unwanted objects, clearing haze, doing Photomerge® group shots. Some are simple fixes and others make use of the power of adjustment layers. Topics are repeated periodically, depending upon interest. Participants can suggest topics, as well as getting help with Photoshop Elements related problems or questions.

Prerequisites: The basic Photoshop Elements class or some experience using Photoshop Elements or Photoshop.

Plustek Slide Scanner

This is a demonstration class on using the Club's Plustek scanner with the SilverFast software to make high quality scans of 35 mm slides and negatives. SilverFast enables one to make a number of image enhancements during the actual scanning process.

Techniques for successful scanning, editing and organization of image files will also be covered.

Prerequisites: Some experience using a photo editing program such as Photoshop Elements

Premiere Elements Part 1

We will introduce Adobe Premiere Elements (a video editing program) by doing several projects involving animated slideshows. For the first we will make use of the slideshow templates in Photoshop Elements. The remaining slideshows will be done using Premiere Elements and some of its features.

Prerequisites: Must be comfortable using either the Windows or Mac operating system and have a basic understanding of Photoshop Elements.

Premiere Elements Part 2

This class gives a good hands-on introduction to Premiere Elements. The interface and a number of the program's features will be investigated in detail. We will also create and edit a couple videos.

Prerequisites: Enrollees should have taken Premier Elements Part 1. Some experience with photo editing and with shooting videos is also helpful.

Premiere Elements Part 3

This class gives further hands-on instruction in using Premiere Elements to further enhance your skills in creating digital videos. The topics covered build upon the skills learned in the basic Premiere Elements Part 1 and Premiere Elements Part 2 classes. The topics vary but may include further video making/editing, creating titles and credits, using themes, and working in conjunction with Photoshop Elements.

Prerequisites: Enrollees should have taken both the Premier Elements Part 1 and Premiere Elements Part 2 classes. Some experience with photo editing and with shooting videos is also helpful.

Premiere Elements SIG

Video Editing Special Interest Group.

The SIG uses Adobe Premiere Elements Video Editing software. Enrollees are invited to bring questions about editing technique, how to use specific features, or to share revelations in the video editor they use. In the absense of questions or demonstrations by attendees the SIG leader will teach features of Adobe PE Video Editor. Enrollees will receive an email listing the features to be covered; just be sure to enroll to receive an email. If you have video editing software on your laptop feel free to bring it. Editing is Fun - grab your camera - both movies and stills can be edited in Premiere Elements.

Pre-Requisites: familiarity with either MAC or PC; use a MAC or PC to edit video with Premiere Elements; desire to both learn and share techniques

Tune up and maintain your PC

For users of the Windows Operating system it is essential to properly tune up and maintain your system. In this class we will provide you with a recommended step-by-step procedure, which will improve the performance of your computer.