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Kindle Readers - Introduction

Kindle Fire is a mini tablet computer version of Amazon’s Kindle e-reader. They also have a simpler version which is just an e-reader. In this class we will cover the basics of how to use Kindle Fire and Kindle e-reader as a reader plus introduce the other functionalities available on each.
We will also look at the basics of accessing the Henderson Public Library system and download books from there. Please bring your Kindle Fire / Kindle e-reader to the class if you have one.

Living with Windows 10

How you used Windows XP, or Vista or Windows 7 continues to change in Windows 10 every 6 months. And the Tools are moving. Attend Living with Windows 10 to brush up on What, Where and How to Use Windows 10 to manage Webmail, save content, search for answers. Do nor be shy, bring questions or solutions you have discovered.

Mac for Beginners

Mac for Beginners - Making the Connections.

Macintosh Calendar App

Macintosh Calendar App

Macintosh Contacts App

Macintosh Contacts App

Macintosh Mail App

Macintosh Mail App – How to use the Mail app to send and receive mail from multiple email accounts.

Macintosh Safari Browser

Macintosh Safari Browser

Medicare Part D

ALL CONSULTS WILL BE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! See the article on the front page for details on setting up an appointment. You cannot make an appointment by enrolling here. The "class full" status means nothing as this simply reserves the room.

Announcing a free service to Sun City Anthem residents who have not yet chosen or might wish to change their Medicare Part D prescription drug plan.

Monitor Training - Refresher

Refresher course for current Monitors.

New Member Orientation

This orientation session was designed to familiarize new Computer Club members with the Club's activities.

Pages - for Mac Part 1

This class will cover the basics of creating a new document either from a template or from scratch. It will cover the basic formatting options and document layout.

Pages - for Mac Part 2

This class will get into the insertion of text and graphic elements and the options for integration into the document flow. The concept of flowing text between distinct portions of the document will be presented in detail. A basic understanding of the operation of Pages is prerequisite for this class