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Android Devices SIG

Q & A session for Android devices

Android Phones - Introduction

This is an introductory class to familiarize the students with Android based phones using Samsung Galaxy (S4) as a sample.

Apple Mobile Calendar App

Account configuration, making and using multiple calendars, creating events including repeating events and the use of alerts. Sharing Calendars and subscribing to public calendars will be covered.

Prerequisites: Introduction to iPad or familiarity IOS operating system.

Apple Mobile Contacts App

Account configuration, using groups to organize contacts, integration with the Mail app, the phone, the Message app and Facetime.

Prerequisites: Introduction to iPad or familiarity with IOS operating system

Apple Mobile Mail App

How to use the Mail app to send and receive mail from multiple email accounts on iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. Topics will include basic account setup, creating and using mailboxes, attachments, and signatures. We will also cover sending attachments including pictures by email. Avoiding Spam and phishing schemes will be explained.

Prerequisites: Introduction to iPad or familiarity with IOS operating system.

Apple Mobile Safari Browser

Using the Safari browser iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch including using multiple tabs, creating, organizing and using bookmarks, downloading, and setting preferences.

Prerequisites: Introduction to iPad or familiarity with IOS operating system

Apple User Group

The Apple Products Special Interest Group (SIG) is an ongoing investigation of all products Apple. It will include presentations, discussions and demonstrations of iPads, iPods, iPhones, AppleTVs and of course Macintosh computers and related peripherals. As new Apple products are introduced they will be included.

Basic Internet Security

Basic internet security topics: Firewalls(routers),Virus protection, Spyware, and Cookies will be explained and discussed. We will also discuss "Smart" Phones and protection for them. Password creation and Password Managers and Identity Theft will be discussed. Computer use is not required as this is a lecture/discussion class with a comprehensive handout.

Board Meeting

Computer Club Board meeting.

Buying a computer

In order to make an informed decision when you are buying a computer, there are a few terms that you need to be aware of so that the sales folks don't try to "snow' you.

Classroom Closed

The classroom is reserved and not available for general use.

Computer Auction

This is the yearly auction of Computer Club equipment. It is not a class but rather serves as a place holder on the calendar. You may sign up for this event so that you receive a reminder e-mail the day before the auction.